What is your M3e with pix4d mapper workflow ?

so things work perfect if I don’t need to adjust my vertical. Now that I do, I think my normal workflow is out the door, since my elevations don’t match others I reference nor my GCP’s.

So since the M3E is all recorded in WGS84 and ellipsoid height. So to fix that I read I have couple of options.

  1. put in offset on my vertical. ( trying to find best way to get this)
  2. Adjust my WGS84 data that my drone captured and adjust it then import the image etc.

So just trying to find out what others do that are using drone that captures in WGS84…Do you adjust your elevation and if so with what ?

Do you just adjust your offset in the advanced coordinate system settings ?

Do you do anything with you GCP’s ? I assume those are ok…

Just wondering what others do, since I know I cant be alone.


Hi Kevin,
Here is a handy tool to figure out what your offset should be. Go to this website:
Once there, zoom into your project area and click on the map. In the screenshot below, I clicked on an area near Denver, CO. It will then list the offsets for the different geoids. The highlighted one below is for Geoid 18.

Thanks, I used the website to figure mine out. I guess now I have a workflow. Just wish like lots of others, Mapper could handle Geoids.