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What is the causes of "Could not retrieve list of license. Invalid credentials, Error e0703ac"?

Hi Matt,

I have just answered via our ticketing system, as you had filed a request there as well.

I will post the final solution here as soon as we have solved your issue.


I have just had the same issue and am in a rush to try and produce a result from this data, can anyone help?

Hi Winton,

Please try the following suggestions: 

  • Please make sure that the correct account credentials are used. 
  • Check whether you can access the Pix4D Cloud page.
  • Try to disconnect from the internet and open the software offline. After opening the software, you can connect to the internet again.
  • If this does not work, please do a clean uninstall of the software as described in how to completely uninstall Pix4Dmapper Desktop.