Weeds spotspray Green on Green

Hi all
I just used the magic tool in order to prepare a prescription for a spotspray Green on Green.
First we did a drone map with the weeds visible as shown in the screenshot.

From the drone map we used the Magic tool in order to select all the weeds. The tool works perfectly.

After that we downloaded the shapefile of the areas created by the magic tool and with that we created the prescription with Qgis.
I hope this helps


Hi Filippo,

Thanks for sharing, that looks great! And you will love our new release!

Would you be able to share this dataset with us?

Yes sure…let me know what I have to do…


We shared a Google Drive link to your email, please upload the projects there, the raw images are always helpful.


Hi Jose,
did you receive the data? Here you can see what the sprayer did.

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Yes, data received! Thanks for sharing.

Wow, that looks good. Was the application successful?

I will send an email to follow up on this.


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Yes the application was good, we modified only the delay of the sprayer because was not centered.
That was the only thing, the sprayer and the Mavic 3M use the same RTK base.

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Hi Filippo,
May I know how you delay the sprayer ?
I have the same challenge to spray the targeted object that must be in the center

Hi, purbabonardo,
On the monitor of the sprayer or the monitor of the tractor you should have an option that allows you to customize the time response of the sprayer. In our case delaying the response according to the speed of the tractor improved the response to the map