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Warning GDAL error w9020:ting and what is the problem with that name??

E:/AgAerial_ImagesPix4D/HubbardCottonArea2Nth2/4_index/project_data/dsm_gsd/tiles/HubbardCottonArea2Nth2_dsm.tif’does not exist and is not recognised as a supported dataset name.

This message is repeated in my log. Will this preventing it from comple

Hey Peter,
It is just warning so your project should still finish. I have seen that warning many times and I still got my project processed every time.

Hi Peter,

Selim is right, the message that you receive it is a warning, hence it is not an indicator as good or bad processing. This warnings message should be investigated only if you experience a crash or bug, otherwise feel free to ignore them.