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VR environment for festival planning by XCell Aerial

Hi everyone,

Grab your VR headsets and check out this festival venue brought up in VR by Blayne and Rocco Jackson from XCell Aerial.

Special tip for Florence + the Machine fans; make sure to turn on your speakers.

Sketchfab link:

Blayne shared some details about this model, and other projects they are working in:

This is a test for importing polygons, for the design of a festival or planning other types of events. We 3D mapped the whole festival area to develop an interactive 3D planning tool. We created the model with Pix4Dmapper, then imported it into 3ds Max, added the tents and stage, then we uploaded it to Sketchfab, and added annotations and audio.

This year, at XCell Aerial, we have been developing interactive festival and large open air event guides with annotated data, complementing our immersive offerings with HoloLens.

We are constantly exploring the ever increasing opportunities that 3D Mapping and PIX4D provide. XCell Aerial developed advanced techniques for Line Of Site surveys using PIX4D and are proud to work with major telecoms companies to ensure that more than 50 million subscribers are provided with the best network access possible." Blayne Jackson, Director of XCell Aerial Surveys

Enjoy it, and feel free to share your comments and your own project and stories.

Pix4D team