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Mapping Annual Event Venues: 3D & VR Forecastle festival tour by VizionAir

Hi everyone,

Grab your VR headsets and get ready to explore the Forecastle festival venue in Louisville, Kentucky:

Sketchfab link

Drew Duffin, VizionAir founder share the story about this project and the way they work:

“Event continuity, year after year, is very important to most event managers. In this case, a high-resolution 3D model of the event created by a drone makes things much easier for following year.

Each year the setup of a venue should include the similar layout of tables, chairs, stage, dance floor, vendors, and audio/visual equipment. Every event like this has a person or a map that defines the next year’s setup. A year is a long time, so mapping helps replace memory in a business scenario like this. If there were no diagram or map made, the next year may mean that no employees are familiar with the setup.

The purpose is to convey more information that can’t be communicated in any other way.

Plus, it’s a cool way for clients to showcase their event and give festival goers an interactive experience through marketing initiatives.

The inspiration for this study project came from George Krieger founder of WhirlingTripod_.com_ and his mapping of “The Taste of Carmel” annual event.

Technical Details:

  • Device used: DJI Inspire 2 w/X5S with an ND8 Filter, since it was a sunny day.

  • Image capture strategy: Nadir grid mission + 7 oblique circular flights

  • Number of images: 681

  • Software and processing platform: Pix4Dmapper, using a desktop device:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro, 6-bit

  • _Hardware: __CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPUE5-2620 v4 @2.10Ghz, __RAM: 64GB, _GPU: NVIDIA GeFORCE GTX 1080 Ti

  • Project editing: we added MTPs in low information areas (High Exposure/Shadow Area), then we edited Point Cloud, deleting artifacts and noise prior to generating Textured Mesh.

At VizionAir, we are a full-stack aerial services provider that strives to bring value to our customers by harnessing the power of the drone ecosystem and innovative tools.  We use Pix4D photogrammetry software almost every single day for services in industries including but not limited to Construction, Aggregate Mining, Real Estate, Environmental, Events, and Creative Marketing purposes all over the United States.

We use evenly distributed GCP’s (Trimble+VRS) for precision applications (Construction/Mining/Environmental)  General Rule: 90x90 overlap/sidelap and orbit (Oblique) patterns-  Aircraft we use- DJI Inspire 2 w/x4s camera (ND8 filter for sunny days).

We use Inspire 2 w/x5s and terrestrial cameras for creative modeling (Real Estate, Events, Marketing) to create an immersive, photorealistic experience.

We chose Pix4D because it is the “Gold Standard” in the world of photogrammetry, and we like the ability to create a wide range of export files that can be used in 3rd party software.”

VizionAir, provides high-resolution aerial picture, video and mapping services, offering commercial, creative and enterprise solutions.

Enjoy the 3D/VR tour and feel free to share your comments and your own projects.

Pix4D team