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How to virtually stage property with items from Houses to Tents, to fair rides?

Does anyone have any links or guidance on how we virtually stage a 3D model property with an array of virtual props?  This could be a development that you stage with houses, cars, etc or a City Park that you stage with Fair Rides or a City block(s) that you stage for law enforcement security, etc.  Just curious if this is something anyone is doing and any thoughts you have on it.  Thinking this could be a good tool for selling the mapping/ 3D modeling service.  If it is a terrible idea you can tell me that too :slight_smile:

Blender for me, but what you envision and what is practical maybe far apart.

Any 3d animation software and most CAD packages will do the job.

Lots of choices and work-flows to suite you.

Thanks Gary.  I played around with Blender a while back (for my 3D printers) and it was challenging to say the least!  I then played around with Fusion 360 and really liked that.  That is definitely on the hobby side and I have not spent much time with it.  Will have to take a look at options.  I was thinking that there would be some good solutions for exterior staging as there are multiple options for interior.  But I did not find much researching this afternoon.  As you stated, the gap between reality and what I envisioned may be HUGE!.  Thanks again for the reply.