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Can I view my 3D model with VR goggles??

I recently bought a set of VR goggles, the HTC Vive. I’m wondering if there is any way to view my 3D models with these goggles?? I guess it would take some type of third party software to incorporate everything together. 

I believe that in the future, this will be the way topographic mapping is viewed inside of AutoCAD for design work. If not for design, certainly as a final check.

Hopefully Pix4D is on top of this subject so they continue to stay the market leader!

VR is the future, if you don’t believe me, you haven’t tried one of the real VR goggles on the market. (Not the kind where you slip your smartphone into it.)

You could upload your 3D model (3D Textured Mesh) to Sketchfab for VR:

Let us know how this works :slight_smile:

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You can also now load models into Tilt Brush, so that’s another option. I couldn’t get my pix4d file to load with the texture map, but I didn’t try too hard.


We are also developing a drag and drop VR point cloud viewer. If you want to ping me I can send it to you. 


Tim – we were just now looking for a VR point cloud viewer. Would love to try yours.

Works with Sketchfab VR mode and Oculus Rift goggles - although their navigation is a little limited, you can move up and down and transport yourself to horizontal surfaces with controller.

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@Bobby Cox, the beta VR viewer is here:

Point cloud files need to be in potree format. You can get the code to convert them on github at the potree project, or PM me and I can send you a compiled version

Can the 3-D models (after adjusting size) be potentially viewed in cardboard? (working on a project as an undergraduate student)

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Is there any way for you to implement direct uploads to scetchfab? The way reality capture does this is really neat. Or are you planning to support VR in the cloud? I guess that would make more sense.