Volume Object sidebar flickering black and crashing

Good afternoon, I am noticing an issue with the volume >object sidebar in Pix4d and wondering if anyone else has this issue. When I open the volume pane, the object sidebar will flicker black making it quite difficult to select any of the buttons. If I attempt to resize this sidebar it will cause black flickering and artifacting as well. It will also cause Pix4D to stop responding when I try to collapse this pane, forcing me to force close the program. I have the most current drivers for my Nvidia RTX Quadro 4000 and I have this error with both the current stable version of Pix4D and the experimental release from September.

Hi srock,
I would first check to see if you have the recommended display resolution set for your monitor. This could cause your problem.

If you have multiple monitors, I would also make sure that PIX4Dmapper is on your primary display. It does not work very well when it is being viewed on a secondary display.

Lastly, yes, your GPU drivers. I just checked and there is a new driver available for download today (November 10th, 2022). You can download the latest version for your NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 at the link below:

I figured out the problem, our organization moved to a new building back in June and when my computer was set up the monitors were plugged into the motherboard not the GPU. I was using the integrated graphics card this whole time. I plugged everything into the GPU and now its working fine, oops!