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Volume measurement problem

Is there a limit to the number of vertices to calculate a volume. I realized every time i try to calculate volume with its vertices more than 20 i can’t calculate the volume as the compute button does not appear even after pressing the right mouse click button

Please do enlighten me

Thank you


Welcome on our Community!

Could you share here with us the .log file of your project? We will analyse what happened.


Dear Beata,

Here’s the log file

Sorry for the late reply

200121_BM_UUB3_STK.log (3.4 MB)

Hi @sarawakenergypix4d,

We have been investigating this issue, and it seems that when the geometry becomes too complex, the software is not able to calculate it anymore. It seems that there is a mismatch between the DSM and the polygon when there are too many vertices. For now, we cannot propose any other workaround than calculating volume on a smaller area and then sum them.

We are sorry about that inconvenience