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Virtual Inspector, slow to show photos


I really like the Virtual Inspector feature, but it seems to be very slow at revealing the photos.

Is there a way to improve this (i am running on a leased line internet connection, which has plenty of bandwidth) ?

Also is there a way to make the image preview larger ?

I know this can be done in the Pix4D desktop app, but we would like to create a customer portal for this feature, but the speed is just to slow for them to accept. I’m only running a trial explorer account so hopefully that is the issue, but would like to check prior to ordering.


Hi Justin,

Yes, it is possible to see a matched image preview in a larger view. After selecting your image in the matched images list, click on the button you see in the screenshot below:

If you are referring to the size of the image preview itself, at the moment it’s fixed, but it’s in our plans to make it more customizable in the future ;).

Regarding the performances issues you are experiencing, can you elaborate on how slow it is the picture loading for you? e.g. after clicking on a point in the model, is it taking 3-5 s to load the matched images or is more than 30-40s? More specifics will help to figure out where the problem may lie.

Also, please consider that the loading times greatly depends on the number of images that have been matched to the specific point you have clicked on your model.


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