ViDoc to create 3D models of natural areas

Does anyone have experience of using ViDoc to create 3D models of natural areas. Want to measure park areas and calculate biomass and other biological values.


Hi Anders,

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What size areas are you looking to cover?


In the beginning, smaller demo areas, maximum 100x 100 m.

-It is for the start-up of a project to describe natural parameters (biomass, CO2 flux, water consumption, etc.)

Later it is clear that LidDAR will be used on a drone, but until the budget comes for this, I would like to hear if anyone had experience with ViDOC, which is cheaper and can be used in many other places besides this project.

Hi Anders,

The viDoc RTK rover is a GNSS receiver that aids in refining geolocation, more specifically the absolute accuracy. It does not scan. I wonder if you are referring to PIX4Dcatch with the viDoc RTK rover?

Using an iPhone or iPad with LiDAR would allow you to scan areas from the ground using LiDAR technology. You would not necessarily need the viDoc RTK rover to begin testing, as I would be curious if you could achieve what you need terrestrially as vegetation can be tricky subject matter for photogrammetry and LiDAR to reconstruct. The viDoc would refine the positioning to the globe. e.g. without viDoc you could expect your absolute position to be within the range of meters with viDoc you could expect your positional accuracy to be within centimeters.

Hearing an area of 100 x 100 meters makes me think you are already pushing the boundaries for a terrestrial scan and would defer toward an aerial scan as mentioned. In this case, the viDoc would be useful in measuring ground control points.

I also wonder if the regions scanned would have cellular service/connection to the internet, as this is a requirement for the viDoc RTK rover as well.

I hope this information is helpful.


Hi Jonathan
Thank you for your observations and advice. I think further about the project and try my hand at the methods I have available :wink:
Regards Anders

Hi Anders,

Sounds good, and good luck! With further information, we will be happy to try to help you achieve success in any way we can.

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