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until recently I have entered the lenght measured from the bottom of the rod to the base of the antenne screw.
It gave me today, after upgraded to v.2.0, a gross error on the check points of approx.13-15cm.

Be aware of the difference of what the application expect here !

From now on, the antenne height apparently “equals” the lenght of rod only.


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I noticed the same. A gross error of 13,7cm with the new version. It also seems like the articel for the definition of the antenne height disappeared.
@Pix4D how are you currently define the antenne height? This is very important!

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Anton Schlei.

Hello anschlei and Tibor

Thank you for sharing your error, the method of measuring antenna height can indeed vary depending on the RTK device you’re using. For more detailed guidance on how to measure antenna height correctly for your specific device, please refer to this article: RTK devices

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Hello Fernando,

the link states:
“When using a Pix4D supported RTK device the antenna height is measured from the base of the antenna to the ground centered on the point.”

As Tibor writes: that was the case with the old version. Is that still correct with 2.0? We both get errors of 13-15cm if we measure it like stated in the articel. That is exactly the height of the bottom of the Iphone to the base of the antenne.

It seems like the 2.0 Version changed the definition of the antenne height to the lenght of the rod/pole. Is that correct?

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Hello again anschlei!

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, yes we currently change the method of measuring the antenna height, now this should be measured from the base of the RTK device, this happens since 2.0.0, we just changed the documentation to avoid more mistakes.

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Hello Tibor,

I just ping you to let you know that you are correct, now we measure this height from the base of the RTK device.

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