Measure grass height?

Had an interesting use case for dairy farmers today, which involves measuring the sward height for grazing fields. Is this possible in P4DF? I guess it’s the same principle of measuring crop height (not that I know how to do that either SIGH).
Does anyone have any thoughts on how this could be achieved?

Could be done, if you fly with a drone with RTK. But for that you need a baseline measurement of the ground level.
That can be either achieved with a flight of the area when it has bare soil or the grass was cut.

Then you can compare those to layers (subtract them so to say) and you would have the grass height. For that you would need to process the data with the Accurate option in PIX4Dfields. But we never tried that, and that’s just theoretical how it could work.

Especially vertical height of 2 different layers can be tricky ( there might be offsets), even when you fly with RTK.