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Crop height


I would like to know what is the recommended workflow if I want get accurate height measurements of objects like crops./?  


At the moment there is not such workflow to measure the crop height. However this can be worked around by individually measure the height of the plants in Ray Cloud by adding a polyline.

For step by step information on how to add a polyline please see the article:

If you want a greater degree of flexibility, and the ability to interact with the results, you may consider analysing the DTM and DSM in a third manipulation software solutions as Global Mapper. Using the feature Combine/Compare terrain layers it will allow you to subtract the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) which is void of vegetation from the Digital Surface Model (DSM).

Please note that due to the smoothing nature of the DTM generation algorithm, and depending on the height of the crops you want to measure we can not guarantee that this workflow will be satisfactory.

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That is a very interesting suggestion Kristin!

Averaging over time and or area…that is a very good suggestion!