Determine Height of Obstacles in Field

In Pix4Dfields is there a means of determining the height of various items in a field (trees, windmills, towers, etc.)? It would be nice to know this for setting RTH and connection route altitudes.

Yes you need to use the DSM layer ,there you can place points and you will see the height of the objects ,it works better with the DSM from the Accurate Processing option.

The height of the dsm is the height above the EGM96 Geoid or the Wgs84 elipsoid depending on the drone and if you fly with or without RTK.

So you need to place also a point at your drone take of location and subtract that value from the other values to get the AGL height you need for RTH. But please be careful and double check !

Thank you @Julius_Petri. That is exactly what I was looking for.