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Identifying the highest land point



I would like to know if there’s a way to measure or identify the highest land point (in terms of height). I can see that the quality report gives the"Orthomosaic and the corresponding sparse Digital Surface Model (DSM) before densification", but is there’s anyway to show the height related to each color? usually there’s a meter that shows that next to such pictures.

I hope my question is clear.





Anyone ?

Hey Digital Dynamics,

If you have Pix4D Mapper Pro Licence you can generate a DSM or a DTM and once all three steps are done you can view it either in QGIS or ArcMap. There is no legend for a DSM in the quality report. 


In the Mosaic Editor, you can activate the visualisation mode. There you can find the statistics including the lowest and the highest and the lowest point :slight_smile: