Orthomosaic Elevation Heat Map

Is it possible to create an elevation heat map with the orthomosaic in Pix4D Cloud? I work for a concrete company and we like to use Drone Deploy and Pix4D to create a stitched together site map in Pix4D Cloud. Once we have the orthomosaic processed and generated, I can draw a line and it shows an elevation profile, so the data is there. Is there a way make a heat map showing elevation changes everywhere? I tried the DSM feature, however it doesn’t really show any elevation changes and just shows mostly green.

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Heat Map
For visualization purposes, it is possible to show the DSM in the 2D view and apply a color scale based on elevation. On top of this, you can modify the histogram so that you can highlight specific features:

If your map is completely green, it is possible that you have some extreme values that are “flattening” the rest of the values. Please modify the histogram on the right sidebar to fix this.

Elevation profile
It is possible to generate an elevation profile, assuming that one of these conditions is true:

  • The project has been processed on PIX4Dcloud, it is georeferenced and contains a DSM.
  • A DSM was uploaded as a result to PIX4Dcloud and is georeferenced.

You can find additional information here:

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