how to make orthomosaic and index map


I used FLIR VUE PRO R with 3DR solo
Unfortunately pictures do not have GPS information but it’s okay I don’t need geoinfo

I tried to mapping with Pix4d and got results like this

I want to get orthomosaic or index map with thermal information

I got some tif files but these files are black and white

Sorry I can not upload ‘tif’ file

What can i do for get orthomosaic or index map file with thermal information like tiff, RJPG…etc

Hi Kim,

Could you please upload one orthomosaic (tif, tfw and prj files) on our OneDrive? I want to take a closer look.


I uploaded files
Please check it

Hi Kim,

These files (even DSM or any large tif file generated) will look black and white when you open with a windows viewer. They are floating point files that cannot be read by standard Image Viewers because they cannot interpret its values. You need to open it with QGIS/ArcGIS. The reflectance map and the index maps you get for thermal have temperature values in each pixel. QGIS is open source and free. More info: