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Video frames extraction producing lots more images than quoted

Im using the Add Video option for extracting frames from some videos off a Go Pro Hero 5. When i type in to extract say every 10th frame it will give an estimate of the number of frames that will be produced. Tis number is drastically different to the number of frames that get produced. I also end up with a large number of duplicate (identical) frames from the first couple of seconds of the video.

As can be seen from the attached log, it estimates 42 frames and i got 216. (Probably 50 or so were duplicate frames)

Next it estimated 81 frames and i got 419 (100 or so were duplicate). And so it goes on

Regards Simon




Hey Simon,

Which software version are you running on your desktop?

There is indeed a bug in version 4.1 of the software where, when a user imports a video file and selects the frame selection rate, too many frames are extracted. 
The correction of this bug will be implemented in the next stable 4.2 version of the software and is already available in the Preview version 4.2.17, which you can download here.

I suggest you download the preview version 4.2.17 and let me know if the issue persists.

I invite you to follow the technical notes that we publish at the release of each new version by clicking on the “Follow” button on this page. You will be notified when a new stable version is released and will be able to consult the list of bug fixes.

Looking forward to hearing from you!