Importing Photos Extracted From Video

Extracting photos from a video, such as one from a GoPro and then importing those photos into Pix4Dmapper is a great tool. GCP’s etc. are not always necessary especially when only needing to create a point cloud for a 3D model, such as a vehicle, which can later be scaled in a program such as VC5. Pix4Dcatch is indeed an option. However, I often get videos of crashed and exemplar vehicles which are created from a variety of different sources that need processed. Being able extract the photos from the videos and process them into a point cloud in Pix4Dmatic like Pix4Dmapper would be great!. This feature would be a huge help to those doing the same tasks as I, especially in the crash recon field.

Hi @crashtechrecon, thanks for the feedback.

Out of 10 reconstructions you have to do, how many are based on such a video? I’m trying to understand how much this affects your deliverables.

You correctly predicted that I would have recommended to acquire data with PIX4Dcatch instead. I’m curious to know whether it would seem feasible to equip the people who send you the videos with PIX4Dcatch? and if not, I’d like to better understand the circumstances that lead them to take videos instead and what’s blocking them from moving to a solution such as PIX4Dcatch.

Would be happy to discuss the crash reconstruction topic in more detail, even in a call if you’d be in, then we can exchange more broadly on the field and what’s needed. Just let me know in a comment.