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 Hello everyone,

I need your experience about marking GCP during process. ı am processing step 1 and after that i upload GCPs, marking them then i re-optimize and start step 2 and 3. to have the best result as XYZ, how i should mark it? should i try to mark it closest as theoretical error? or should i try to mark it close to surveyed coordinates at site?


Yunus Emre

Not sure what you mean…simply mark each GCP in 6-8 pictures as perfectly as possible.  This can be done before Step 1 too.

Your GCP error is a physical item based on the survey point and that should be matched to the setup in Pix4D.  Make each pick point in each picture as perfect as possible and let the software do its thing.

There are fundamental differences between GCP, MTP and check points so be sure you are using them appropriately or your results might be skewed.

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