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Computations with new GCP's and MTP coordinates


I have a temporary set of GCP’s coordinates, surveyed with GNSS Base / Rover in WGS/UTM using an approximate position for the base (a very few meters in XY and Z). I use stand alone coordinates from the Ebee for the camera approximate positions

If I use this set of coordinates in step 1 with additional MTP’s, do I have to click and point and click again on each GCP / MTP when the final set of GCP’s coordinates will be available?  Of course, I understand I will have to reoptimize and reprocess steps 2 and 3.

Probably, best choice will be to wait to finish the job, however I would like to verify my drone survey before to leave the area (I am working far from home, abroad).



Hello Bertrand,

Sorry but I am not sure if I understand your question.

In order to get the final set of GCPs coordinates, you have to mark the GCPs in the images. It could be before running Step1 (using the basic editor) or after Step1 (in the rayCloud).

Marking the GCPs in the rayCloud is easier and faster but you need to reoptimize afterward.

If you want to do a quick check in the field before going back home, I would recommend using the “rapid” Image Scale:


Please bear in mind that depending on the project size, a powerful computer might be needed for the computation even although “rapid” is used.