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Using DTM to create zone maps

Is it possible to use the DTM to create zone maps that can be exported as a shp. file? I am trying to create Agricultural maps based on topography. Would this be the best way or is there another option?


This is unfortunately not possible using Pix4Dmapper. You can create prescription maps with the reflectance maps or vegetation index maps. Maybe you can generate the contour lines based on the DTM using Pix4Dmapper as well as the vegetation indices. Then you can export this to QGIS for terrain analysis. Using Pix4Dfields is possible to get zonation maps of the terrain. If you have not tried it yet, you can check it (it has a trial period).

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the reply. I had Pix4Dfields, and while I liked it for the simplicity of the multispectral maps and prescriptions, I was not able to generate a DTM with it. I was told I needed the mapper to do this.
I feel like I am getting steered in circles! It does not appear as though any of your products can generate a topography map that I can make into zones to write prescriptions. Please correct me if I’m missing something.


I apologize for the confusion, and it was my mistake. Indeed, with Pix4Dfields, you can get the DSM, not the DTM. And with the DSM, you will be able to generate zones and prescription maps, but not with the DTM.

Unfortunately, you can not generate prescription maps with the DTM within our products. I have shared this as feedback to the team.

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