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Unlock IOS App to 500m height

Do you have in mind to unlock the 500m height mission at the same as in Android app?

Because I need to use photogrammetry mission at heigh between 250m and 500m, in according to our Defence Ministery.

Thanks a lot.

Best regard.

I see today the new version for IOS with the 500m height unlocked, and the possibility to set overlap to 0-90%, and I’m very surprise, it’s all I need!!!


If I think another implementation, I thins a Terrain Aware for maintain the same ground resolution when mapping terrain near hill, hills, and mountain terrain.

I am very happy to see that customer suggestions are important to you, and we keep in mind.

Thanks a lot!!!

Hi Denis,

We are glad the new option meets your needs. Thank you for the very nice feedback!

I have reported the suggestion about terrain awareness to our Product Team who will consider it for future development of the app.