Unable to import Geolcation From File

With version 2.0.81 I have been unable to import geolocation information from a file. I was previously able to import the format:


I am now receiving an error:

Here are the first two lines in my file:


I’m also confused by that error message, as it says “Latitude/X” and “Longitude/Y” when in reality the world works as Latitude/Y and Longitude/X.

Oh, and I should mention that I also tried to format it as a space-delimited file, like in the example, but received the same error message.

Think the format is Time,X,Y,Z

Is the geo data from? Inspire? P3?

It’s from the Inspire’s exif, but with altitude adjusted to orthometric height rather than the arbitrary altitude that it assigns.

In any case, I remade the project and was able to import it with my file. Not sure why that happened.

HeHeHe gremlins!