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UAV Data to Arbitrary Coordinates

We are trying to process our UAV data to an arbitrary coordinate system local to a campus. We choose a start point at 2000, 2000. so all our GCPs are relative to that point with real world elevations at 825, 821, etc. 


When we first processed it it was assigned to a lat long system. we added GCPs and process to an output of arbitrary. 

Then it failed. processing it direct to arbitrary to arbitrary and all the points are combined into each other in a single line. I will try next processing an input coordinate system of lat long, then to arbitrary. once done processing then, will add GCPs. 


Are we missing something or what is the best practice for this process?

Hi Tony, 

I would recommend having a look at these two articles from our Knowledge Base: 

The instructions in the article are rather detailed and show how to proceed when you want to use GCPs in your own local coordinate system. Feel free to comment here if there are questions after you have tried the process. 

For more specific comments on your project, I would need more information such as the quality report, or screenshots of how the project looks like in the rayCloud. 

Keep us posted!