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Local mine Coordinate system using dji phantom rtk and pix 4d

I’ve been struggling to get a solid method of flying on our mine site and getting data out of pix4d in our local coordinate system. basically its a rotated state plain on a geiod 3 for elevation.

Pix4d seems not to be willing help, tried their site calibration but it doesn’t work everytime ( I want to do this without GCP’s which was whole point of DJI RTK setup.

I also started venture of trying to convert exif to site before processing it works for orientation but vertical is off ( not sure if I have issue converting altitude as I don’t understand fully ( I tried setting it to the local elevation of take off plus flight height but that still has issues.

Hoping some of you seasoned pro will come to my rescue.

Hi @eng_drone, thank you for sharing the details regarding the issue you face.

From my experience, the most elegant solution is to do a site calibration and then reuse the parameters for future flights. You only need to set GCPs one - when you calculate the parameters.

After you have the parameters you can export them and import them in other projects. This way there is no need to set up GCPs in all the flights and you will get the outputs to align with your local coordinate system.