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Processing P4 RTK drone flight with local coordinate checkpoints

I’ve had great results processing my P4 RTK drone flights in NAD_1983 state plane coordinates and using the GCP manager to import checkpoints which are in the same state plane coordinate system. This is a simple workflow that works great when my checkpoints are in state plane. Recently I’ve had a few projects where the checkpoints are in a local/arbitrary coordinate system. Is there a way I can incorporate local/arbitrary checkpoints into my workflow if necessary? And can I output the processed data to match the local coordinate system of the checkpoints?

Hi Matt,

The workflow is explained in this article: How to compute the Site Calibration for GCPs in an Arbitrary Coordinate System.

Please note that the image dataset will be geopositioned into an arbitrary coordinate system based on the coordinates of the GCPs. The only difference is that you also add checkpoints and evaluate the quality of the georeferencing process.

Good luck!