UAS Port Authority Mapping in North Carolina

NC State Port Authority has been proactive in their GIS Program since 2009 and has accumulated many data layers that they maintain onsite. While they typically rely on the State orthoimagery projects to keep their background imagery updated, they were interested in a cost-effective method of increasing the frequency of that imagery. WithersRavenel proposed to fly the Port of Wilmington with UAS technology and provide updated mosaic orthoimagery of the approximately 800 acres of property that the Authority manages. A dense series of ground control points were established on the port in strategic locations to ensure that accuracies of traditional methods of creating orthoimagery were met or exceeded. This project required a large image dataset (~3,600 photos) to be captured though a series of 24 flights, and processed through the Pix4D desktop program. The DJI Matrice 100 platform was used for image acquisition with a 16 megapixel Zenmuse X5 camera. Requested deliverables were generated within reasonable timeframes, with ground surface distances averaging around 3 cm.




Travis! the model looks great and its size is pretty impressive. I could not even take a screenshot of the entire port where we would still see something as it was too large!

Your link brought me to the model overview of your account, so I’m adding the direct link to the model here: [Port of Wilmington - 3D model by WithersRavenel [0e542b6] - Sketchfab;

](Port of Wilmington - 3D model by WithersRavenel [0e542b6] - Sketchfab)I’ve seen some people flying over ports to get an overview of the amount of containers that is currently stocked there. Is this an application you are considering?

Thanks for posting, looking forward to see more of your work!


Thanks for the comment! We were brought onto this project in order to map and survey the site via UAS. Currently the port does a very good job of maintaining their resources via standard operations, but drones would be a way to easily inventory if needed! The opportunities are nearly endless.


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Really cool application, keep us posted if you do some more use cases in this environment. :slight_smile: