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Troubles Phantom 2v+

Dear all,

after performing a flight I tryed to create the pix4d file from the Pix4D App. However, it always reports an error. So, I decided to take some GCP that covered the internal part of the flight area. After running the first step (following the indications provided by the video-tutorial of the website), I did not manage to use them. I can import the GCP, but I can not relate them to the pictures nor any coordinate. RMS erros are about X=5 Y=10 and Z=0.22.

Thank you.


I am having the same problem.  When the actual flight is finished and it begins to “synchronize the image” it usually doesn’t make it through, then reports an error.  That of course leads me to have to use the SD card alone so it doesn’t create an actual pix4dfile.  Pix support then tells me that the geolocation is not accurate enough from the PV+ to use.  I then went through the entire process of manually putting in 5 GCPs for a coal mine stockpile that I am trying to get volumetric measurements for but have yet to get it to work properly.  



Hi Javier and Brock,

Before importing GCPs you need to select the coordinate system of the GCPs. You can select the coordinate system of the GCPs when creating the project or in the GCP/Manual Tie Point Manager.

Then you need to mark the GCPs on the images. Depending on if you have image geolocation and/or GCPs in a known or arbitrary coordinates system you have to follow one of the 3 methods. Have a look at the following article for the different methods on how to add GCPs to a project:

Note that if you are only interested in making measurements in the project and you are not interested in the absolute accuracy of the project (accurate position on the Earth) you can also use the scale constraint tool to give scale to the project.

With this tool you have to know precise distances in the model and you can use these distances to give scale to the project. For more information on how to scale a project: 

Best regards,