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Trial processing of DJI Phantom 4pro images for loading into Orbit GT software

Hi Everyone

I have a copy of trial and is trying out the workflowof processing the UAV images to generate the point cloud, 3D mesh model and Ortho mosaic for loading into Orbit GT software for viewing.

I managed to get the point cloud and mesh generated and georeferenced using ground control points however, when i export the image geolocation and orientation parameters as txt file for loading into Orbit, the image position is not located at the right position.

Is there anyway I can post process the GPS position (i have GPS base data for correcting) or I can translate the image  with some factor so that the exported parameters will be with the correct position.



Hi Eric,

Could you give me some more information on which external image parameters you use when importing the images into Orbit GT software? If it the ones that are exported from the Image Properties Editoror the ones generated in the …\1_initial\params folder?

I would recommend using the parameters in the …\1_initial\params folder as the values are adjusted based on the GCPs.

The values exported from the Image Properties Editor are the same as in the EXIF file of the images and, typically, have the accuracy of a few meters.