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Trial period and very poor quality.

Hello, I’ve spent many hours understanding how to use the Pix4d desktop software.
Thousands of pictures, learning best shooting method, then tuning the project.
I tried 3 different projects: a statue and my drone, the inside of my kitchen, and the outside of my house.

As my best results were of poor quality, I had a close look to demos such as Chillon Castle :
This Chillon project is also of poor quality, just good for a draft project.

Same poor quality with the statue of Rio de Janeiro
This one is a bit better, but have a look to all artefacts on arms for example or all visible black holes !

So probably The method used (pictures to 3D ) cannot lead to good results.

I really know how to use the 3D Blender Sofware. It’s longer to build a project, but final result is really MUCH better, with so few faces compared to what Pix4d generates.
Only one mesh for SO MANY faces is not good : a good project should have as many meshes as objects ( IE 1 for a door, 1 for a tree, etc)

A simple 3D wooden door only needs 8 points and you get hundreds of points / faces with pix4d. Mapping adds details !

I’ll have a look in one year or two to your product : I’m sure it will improve.
Right now, you are overpriced considering quality results. Of course,this is only my opinion.

Didier from France.

AutoCad, Solidworks, Microstation …etc are solid modelling work-flows.

Pix4D is point cloud base work-flow, good for analog to digital transforms.

Importing clouds or meshes into solid modelers such as Geomagic or other cad flows mentioned above to produce exact geometries.

Photogrammetry is fast, cheap and easy for many analog-to-digital collections, but not perfect for all data collections. Laser collects maybe more appropriate, maybe radar is appropriate.!.!.?