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Transformation Matrix Pictures/Pointclouds

Hello, i need to know  how the pictures are connected to the pointcloud there is any file that relation the pictures to the pointclouds ? I think that file should be a matrix or something that connect the XY of pictures with XYZ of the pointclouds.

Hello Michel, 

This article describes what files are in the Params folder that is created after step 1. Initial Processing. The file  project_name_pmatrix is what you are looking for:

I copy the relevant portion of the article below: 


The P-Matrix contains information about the internal and external camera parameters. It allows to convert the 3D coordinates (X,Y,Z) of a 3D point into 2D coordinates (u,v) of an undistorted image. The 3D coordinates are expressed in the output coordinate system.

It can only be used with perspective lens cameras and with the undistorted images that are generated by Pix4Dmapper. (u,v) are the coordinates in the undistorted images given in pixels.

The first four numbers in the file correspond to the first row in the matrix.

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Hi again, thanks for the reply. Is there an example describing the use of the formula with the pmatrix file? It’s a little confusing for me

Hello Michel,

We have some news regarding the pmatrix file. You can find the updates in the following post.
Feel free to add your comments there.

Please allow me to close this post so that all the feedback regarding the pmatrix file is gathered on the other post.