Reprojection of point cloud

I am trying to reproject the 3D world coordinates obtained from the densified point cloud back to the image pixels in all the corresponding images. Is there a way I can do that? I tried to extract the world coordinates from the XYZ file and then use the projection equation to reproject it back to pixel space by using the corresponding R and T for each image. However, I am not getting the correct result.
Also, when the R and T are generated for each image, what is the coordinate frame for them? Like where is the origin for the coordinate frame exactly?

Hello @rbhikule, We are not sure if there is anything that would be helpful for you. However, I would recommend you to go through the below support article and see if any of these files that are created during step 1 of processing is helpful for you.

Thank you for the reply.
I just want to know that with respect to what reference are the R and T defined in the output Params folder. is it wrt to the world coordinate system or the local coordinate system which is represented by the offset.