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To view 3D model imagery into mobile application

Hello pix4D I need to implement something and I’m not sure what to use . I want to make a 3D model of my university using the drone .its an area covered around 300 (covered 60%of the trees )acres But don’t know how to use that imagery  into the mobile application . I was thinking I could use a tool like pix4d to do the job but don’t know I need a suggestion from you how to work on it. I want to use that data into 3D view in my map application.  


Hi Manikanta,

Thank you for your interest in our products and Pix4D solutions.

Did you capture images of the area already? You can read our recommendations about the data acquisition plan in this article. We would also suggest that you use Pix4Dcapture (mobile app) if your drone is supported (more info).

Regarding the processing on desktop, you can first have a look at the getting started articles.