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3d Model of cabin field with and without snow


We have been contacted by a possible customer to make a 3D model of a cabin field in Norway. in both summertime and wintertime with snow on the roofs.

Can we use PIX4D for this? we want to make a good model, and the terrain height varies a lot. so the drone has to follow the terrain, and keep the correct height all the time.

We are also wondering if it possible to calculate snow depth/volume based on theese models.

Not sure if PIX4D can do all this, but we are open for suggestions. Thank You.

Hi Bjørn,

It is possible to use Pix4D to reconstruct the models of the cabins that can be later on used for depth/volume measurements. 

In order to get the best results, I recommend the following:

There is a nice example of a Log house in Kuusamo, Finland modeled by one of the users. Feel free to also check and comment on that post in order to get more insights.