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Snow? and gathering dsm data


I am from Canada and a lot of our preliminary surveys take place over the winter where the ground is covered in snow. How well does / can pic4d cope with this, is there a lens or white balance setting that should be used to help the camera to identify features so pic4d can make an accurate model?

Same goes for 3d rendering of buildings that has snow on the ground and possibly on the roof.


Thanks all!


Hi Todd,

Snow is homogeneous and it is hard to find common points on the images.

In order to acquire a good data set of such a terrain a high frontal overlap of 85% and side overlap of 70% is recommended. For more information, please check:

Moreover, it is recommended to fly higher so as to have more information in each image apart from snow. Probably there are other objects in the surroundings, such as trees or buildings that would facilitate processing.

Another factor is maintaining the height difference from the ground.

Moreover, camera settings should be set in such a way to achieve as much contrast as possible.