Timeline improvement: Major and minor datasets

We are doing monthly based missions on a 100ha site. The goal is to capture, document and compare the earthworks and civil infra development. Graiding (cut and fill) is the main objective.

We are starting to get a nice time line.

The thing is we also do some minor missions in soime specifc places of the site to capture a retaining wall construction, a stormwater retation tank or foundations for example. But they are only minor missions (less then 1ha) and happen almost weekly for each.

All these new small missions and respective datasets are starting to mess the timeline navigation and organization.

What I suggest is a separated category of timeline, something that we would assing to the dataset, like a checkbox saying it is a minor set or a sub-dataset.
The UI could be a minor timeline under the major one. In it we would choose all these minors by clicking on them or check boxes and they would be displayed as markers on the screen, inside of the 2d and 3d of the current displayed “major” dataset.

If we click on the marker, it would show the data of the “minor” locally, without leaving the major, maybe just grayning it or adding some transparancy to it.

Kind of like when editing a component in SketchUp.

When you are done checking the sub dataset, click somewhere or in a big X, and it would turn again in a marker.
Maybe inside of it, could compare other capture dates of the minor data set too.