Show all projects on timeline

Depending on the number and the date of projects, it can be difficult to arrange the timeline in a way that all projects (earliest … latest) become visible. Using the mouse wheel allows scaling the timeline, however, sometimes this is not enough and, in order to see all projects, one has to also move/drag the timeline which can be cumbersome. Earliest and latest projects can even be missed like that.

Please provide an easy way to scale and arrange the timeline such that all projects become visible, e.g. by double-clicking on timeline. It would also be convenient to arrange the timeline like this by default, until the user starts to zoom in and/or move the timeline.

Hi @pixmap_operations,

Thank you for your feedback.

I managed to replicate the problem with a project with a long timeline, and I agree that the procedure can be tricky.
I forwarded it to the product team.

Thanks Daniele for replicating the problem.

Although it is not considered a bug, I would very much appreciate if once can see all available projects by default, without actively manipulating the timeline. I remember one or two of my clients claiming that projects were lost, although they were just out of sight.

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Thank you for the important additional information, @pixmap_operations!


This issue also also extends to flights on the same date.

In my opinion dates with no data should not be shown on the timeline.
Instead have the thumbnails currently visible locked next to each other with a month marker.

See attached mock up for possible UI improvement. (rough mockup)
Timeline UI Example_V1.pdf (57.5 KB)

Thank you, @RC_TPR .