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.tif and .par files - Use in Summit Evolution

Hey guys !

After searching on the web, I didn’t found anything about the request of my client. Here’s a little description of what he needs:

" gross photographs in collected form " TIF " (RGB ) (without correction radiometric ) including settings Guidance of Issos the aerotriangulation ( .par ) And Being Able USED by systems stéréorestitution ."

He uses the software Summit Evolution, and the .par files are used for 3D analysis. I think it’s similar of the .txt files in the initial -> params folder, but I was wondering if you guys knows something about it, and if you think pix4D can help me with this. I found some automatic aerial-triangulation software like MATCH-AT (inpho), LPS (hexagon), Imagine (Hexagon).

Thank you guys!

The best thing to do would be to try it in Pix4D.