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Exporting photo mosaic into sartopo

I’m trying to export an aerial mosaic file from px4dreact into Sartopo for Search Planning.
Has anyone been able to create a workaround to get the large files to import?


Is this the website where you want to upload our outputs? SARTopo - Backcountry Mapping Evolved After you confirm, I can test there. Do you have some errors when uploading the results?

Can you please tell us more about your applications? That sounds very interesting :slight_smile:



Thank you for your quick response.

Yes, that is the correct software we are using.

Our hope is, during an incident we could fly and shoot a next to “real time” orthomosaic plate and layer that into the Sartopo software. That would give our incident commander, and search planners, a good view of what conditions are.

For example, if a tornado had moved through a neighborhood, which streets are impassible, what hazards we might come across, etc.

If you would like, I can send the geo.tiff file I created from pix4dreact.

Thank you!

Michael Benedic
Search Team Manager
Hamilton County USAR Task Force


Thanks for the information. Seems we need to pay to upload layers to the application. Yes please send us the GeoTIFF, would be really useful to see what we can do in the future to scale the layer and support it there. I will keep you posted.

You can add the layer here.

Let me know


Can you email me please, the link you gave me is looking for a log in.


I wrote you a private message.