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Thesis on index values and indices, and how to extract data


I’ve studied a lot by searching a lot and searching the homepage, but I’m still not good enough.

1.main index value : number (sd : number)

What is the value meaning for the number above? Is index average and sd the minimum value?

  1. Index values and index papers, questions about index features

I would like to know the stress plants with index values, when they bloom, when they are harvested. To do this, I would like to know the detailed research data by index.

  1. When I create boundaries and zones and extract averages, can I extract only the values for a zone as Excel?

Google Translate may not be smooth, but please respond with great care.

have a good day!


Regarding the statistics we provide:

  • The mean value of a plot means the average value of the pixels inside that specific plot, and that has been calculated using the bands of the corresponding index that you calculated.

  • Mean index value SD: refers to the standard deviation. I passed the feedback to the team to make it clear in the file.

  • Because users can modify the range of the histogram, we offer in the stats a Mean index value and Mean index value (visible)

If you changed/ selected a specific range in the histogram. The mean index value (visible) refers to the range selected with the slider of the advanced visualization options. Meaning the average of the pixels inside each plot within the range that you have selected in the histogram.

If you select transparent or solid the “mean index value (visible)” will still be all the pixels with values between the min/max sliders

  1. I am not sure if I understand this question correctly. Can you please give me more details? In this article, you will find a list of available indices in PIX4Dfields: How to generate a vegetation index with Pix4Dfields – Support. You can also customize your own index using the index calculator tool.
  2. You can get that information but you need to use the annotation tool. You can draw the area you are interested and the stats are going to be only for those areas.
    To use PIX4Dfields in trial plots I recommend having a look at this article: How to use Pix4Dfields annotations for trial plot operations – Support

Let me know if this information helps you