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Thermal Images without GPS data

Hello all, 


I have thermal images from a Tau 2 camera but unfortunately they do not have gps information. I have converted them to RJPG so they have temperature values and I need to build the orthomosaic and reflectance maps.

I want to add GCPs after step 1 (initial processing) is over as indicated by the manual in this website. However, when I choose the thermal template, it gives an error saying that this template cannot be done since there  is no geolocation in images. It does not even start running  step1.

What should I do? 




Using the Thermal Camera processing option, Step 1. Initial Processing uses the Alternative _c_alibration method. This option is optimized for aerial nadir images with accurate geolocation, low texture content and relatively flat terrain, fields for example. However, in order to use this option, at least 75% of all images have to be geolocated, which is not your case.
Therefore, you can try to change the calibration method to Standard (see image below) as this option does not have any geolocation requirement:
You will then be able to add and mark your GCPs after running Step 1.

I hope this helps,