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Textured 3D Mesh not showing up in Raycloud - SOLVED

Hi, I am having an issue where the textured mesh does not show up in the raycloud. The mesh has been generated, and I see outputs when I select monochrome, color, etc., shading, but when I select textured shading I see nothing. The coloured point cloud loads fine.
I don’t see any errors in the log.

Any ideas?

Version 4.2.27 

Windows 10 Pro version 1709 build 16299.402, i7-4800, 2.7GHz, x64, Lenovo ThinkPad W540

32GB Ram

Hi Will,

This sounds very familiar! I had the same issue recently. Updating the GPU drivers solved the problem.
Please make sure you have the most updated drivers.

Let me know if this does not fix the problem.


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That was it, thanks! I thought they were up-to-date, but I suppose not :slight_smile:

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Glad I could help :slight_smile: