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Tetracam Camera Parameters

We changed the Tetracam ADC lite lens from 8 to 5 mm.
How I do  change this setting?
In Pix4d we are having problems adjusting the parameter


“15.5% relative difference between initial and optimized internal camera parameters”

Hi Danilo,

Pix4Dmapper has an internal camera database with the optimal parameters for many cameras.

TetracamADC with 5mm lens is in our database therefore you do not need to change the internal camera parameters (focal length value, etc…). However as the software reads the sensor size form the EXIF data that can be wrongly written there are cases when we have to manually edit this. In order to verify that the camera model associated to your camera is correct please follow the instructions given in the article:

Could you please give us more details on the workflow you have been following to adjust the parameters? You can find more information on how to edit an existing camera model here.

Additionally could you please send us the quality report of your project along with 5 images of your project?

This information can be sent to us by submitting a support request here:

Thank you for your understanding.





I have sent an email with the requested data and until now I continue with the problem of Tetracam 5 mm.