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Test flight Pix4Dcapture

After I start Pix4D Cature app, then press the start button then switch to F position, then press next .

In the Drone connection window i have a test message Connected to range extender Wi-Fi and the next button will not work.

Please help

Read this:–Android-Beta-release-2-0-8?page=4#community_comment_206690156&

Need lot of time, but probably you will find the solution.

I have the exact same issue…cant get past the Connected to Range Extender WiFi. I am using teh beta with Inspire 1 Pro/Zenmuse X5…


Hi all,

This issue should be solved by now.
We have just officially released the iOS Pix4Dcapture 1.0.0!

Here is the corresponding forum post:
You will find details about the procedure if needed.

Best regards,