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terrestrial camera

pix4d with that program and which camera I can take pictures to process land in a 3D view?

Dear Rafael,

Pix4Dmapper can process images taken with any cameras, DSLR, large format or lightweight compact camera, perspective or fisheye lens. If a camera is included in our database, images captured by this camera are recognized as such, and the optimized camera parameters are used for processing. If the camera is not included and in case the camera parameters are saved in the EXIF of the images, then the camera parameters are loaded for processing. If you know the camera parameters, you can also add them manually in our database: 202560169

If you do not know the camera parameters, then it is possible to calibrate the camera by processing a good dataset. It should be a 100 images aerial nadir data set with sufficient overlap of at least 75% frontal overlap and 60% side overlap. Calibrating a camera is an easy process, see 206065716

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Hello Marc,

is it necassary that the terrestrial camera got GPS?

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Hi Torsten, 

No, it’s not necessary and sometimes not possible, e.g. if you take images indoors. In that case you could use an Arbitrary image coordinate system. If you would like to geolocate the project you can use Ground Control Points (GCPs) in a specific coordinate system. Note that having image coordinates can make the processing faster for step 1. Initial Processing as the images would have a better initial estimate of their position.