Pix4Dmapper processing mobile imagery

We are test processing some mobile imagery from a mobile camera but don’t know how the attached camera calibration settings correlate to what needs to be entered into the Pix4d camera parameters. I was able to get the cameras geolocated and most of them calibrated but now need to figure out how to edit the generic camera. I also attached a quality report from an initial process for a small number of images. Thanks for any help… trying to figure out a way to not have to load all of the individual images into our software for road feature mapping.

WISDOT_10_25_2022-pavementcam1 (2452x2056@0,0).TopoDOT.txt (311 Bytes)

test_report.pdf (262.6 KB)

Hi curryc,
It sounds like you need to calibrate the camera and add it to the database. The article below describes how to do that.