Terrain Filter not working v1.47.1


Since updating to the new version 1.47.1, the terrain filter no longer works (all points are changed to Non Terrain layer when running the Terrain Filter tool no matter what settings I choose). I’ve been running into a similar issue with lidar data in previous versions, where points either are all moved to the Non-Terrain layer, or a Grid of Points adds grid points to Non-Terrain classified points. The last version that seemed to work without issue for me was v1.39.1. Any idea what might be causing this issue?


Hi Dan @dschwartz,

Thank you for your message and feedback.
We are not aware of any problem with the terrain filter. Can you please confirm that the terrain filter was performing well with the same point cloud with previous versions?
Eventually, you can send me the point cloud so I can test it (upload link)?
Let me know when the upload is complete.